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To:  Mr. Hank Hanegraaff, Mr. Norman Geisler and prospective hosts:  Calvary Chapel Bible College, Calvary Chapel School of Apologetics, Calvary Chapel School of Ministry, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, CA., The Master’s College, Grace Community Church, or The Master’s Seminary — 


Being a former member of Calvary Chapel Church of Costa Mesa, CA and a graduate of Calvary Chapel Bible College (1988), and having attended Grace Community Church and The Master’s College, I would like to request your facilities to host a debate.  Although my church background is Calvary Chapel and Grace Community, I am currently a Calvinist and a Preterist theologian.  I would like the opportunity to debate apologists Hank Hanegraaff or Norman Geisler (if not have an eschatology symposium with both men) at your facility over the growing issue of Preterism and the timing of the Second Coming.    

PROPOSITION/PROPOSAL:  Christ and the inspired (John 14:26; 16:13) New Testament authors have taught that the one and only Second Coming event with its attended kingdom would arrive within the lifetime and generation of the first century Church and would “not be delayed” (Matthew 10:22-23, 16:27-28, 24:34; Luke 21:20-32–>James 5:7-9; 1 Peter 1:4-12, 4:5-7; Hebrews 8:13-10:37, 12-13:14; Revelation 1:1, 3:11, 10:6-7, 22:6-7, 10-12, 20).


AFFIRM (Mike Sullivan):  Christ returned in the fall of Jerusalem to end the Old Covenant age (“this age”) and raise and glorify the Body of Christ (the dead and the living) at the consummation of the New Covenant age (“the age about to come”) by A.D. 70. The Church (in union with Christ), is currently the New Creation of Revelation 21-22 and the Nations today in the New Covenant age, continue to receive healing with the spread of the everlasting gospel.

DENY (Hanegraaff or Geisler):  Christ’s return is future and will bring an end to the New Covenant or Church age.  When Christ returns He will raise biological corpses and unite them to the spirits of all men.  Christ’s future return will usher in the literal New Creation of Revelation 21-22.    

Mr. Hanegraaff, you have broken your word to debate/answer our questions even though you have taken on yourself the title of the “Bible Answer Man.”  You have been critical of our view and have refused to answer our exegetical questions by screening them to the Christian public.  Why haven’t you been ready to give an answer (1 Peter 3:15)?  


Mr. Geisler, you have been critical of the Partial and Biblical Preterist views and should be willing to debate and defend your position publicly as well. 


Former Pastor’s Smith and MacArthur, you two have been critical of the Partial and Biblical Preterist views of eschatology as well.  Here is an opportunity to educate your churches on the view first hand. Pastor Smith, perhaps this would be a good venue to apologize to your church and the Christian community for your misinterpretation of Matthew 24:34 and failed prediction of 1981:  (1948 + 40 yr. “this generation” = 1988.  1988-7 yrs. [pre-trib. rapture] = 1981).  This was followed by your endorsement and foreword of Jon Courson’s study Bible’s interpretation of Matthew 24:34: (1948 + 51 yr. “this generation”) false prediction as well.  You claimed Courson was Holy Spirit led and have endorsed Hal Lindsey’s false revelatory claims and failed predictions as well.  Hal Lindsey and Calvary Chapel have made millions of dollars in book sales manipulating the professing and uneducated Christian public with these false views.  Isn’t it time to bear fruit with your so called repentance on this issue (1981) and allow your church and Christian community to determine first hand which view is correct?     


Gentlemen and gracious prospective hosts, please consider my invitation for a formal and public debate or symposium on these issues.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.  


In Christ (2 Cor. 1:20),

Mike Sullivan