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My Full Preterist Response To John MacArthur’s “Strange Fire” (Cessationist) V. Michael Brown’s “Authentic Fire” (Charismatic) Part 3 – Argument #1 An Exegesis Of 1 Corinthians 13:8-12

Introduction: In part 2 of this series responding to Cessationist Pastor John MacArthur (Strange Fire) and Charismatic Michael Brown (Authentic Fire) we looked at the various views of “that which is perfect” (1 Cor. 13:10) giving special attention to the errors MacArthur makes on the passage due to his commitment […]

A Biblical and Full Preterist Defense

Introduction:  I have been a Christian now for thirty-three years and have watched churches and denominations split over their views of the sabbath, communion and baptism – even to the point of referring to other groups as “legalists” or “Antinomian” (and thus doubting their salvation).   The churches split on eschatology […]

How the “ONE” New Covenant “BODY” Partakes of the Passover/Lord’s Supper/Wedding Feast “Anew/Fulfilled in the Kingdom” & How the “ONE Baptism” is Likewise Spiritually Fulfilled Today in the Kingdom – Physical Ritualism De-throned

Introduction Here are some meditations I gave on Facebook concerning what it really means to partake in the Lord’s Supper or feast upon the Living Bread /Lamb of God today “anew” and “fulfilled in the Kingdom” (Lk. 22:15-18).  Not only this, but Paul’s “ONE Baptism” (Ephs. 4:5/1 Cor. 12:13/Rms. 6/Cols. […]

Reviewing and Critiquing My Debate with Charismatic Dr. Michael Brown over 1 Corinthians 13:8-12 and Introducing a Full Preterist Chronomessianic Interpretation/Argument on Daniel 9:24-27 that went Untouched

This review and critique is still in progress…keep checking back until done.  I was told that the video of the debate would be edited in such a way that our Power Point slides would match our lectures.  The version Dr. Brown posted today (1/25/19) on YouTube does not show my […]

Jesus Fulfilled the Soteriological and Eschatological Day of Atonement Jubilee Promises of Sabbath Rest and the Day(s) of Vengeance in Isaiah 61-66 By AD 26–AD 66-70 (Appendix – exposition of Dan. 9:24-27)

Copyright 2018 Michael J. Sullivan – thank you for your Christian charity in advance. Introduction In this article I will demonstrate that when Yeshua quoted or alluded to Isaiah 61-62 He promised to fulfill these soteriological and eschatological promises between AD 26 – AD 66-70. Post AD 70 the Church […]

Jesus Taught His Soteriological and Eschatological “Already and Not Yet” Kingdom and Second Coming Promises Would Be Fulfilled Spiritually and “Within” a Person By AD 70. A Survey of Luke’s Imminent Eschatology With Emphasis on Luke 17:20-37

Introduction Many theologians refer to the NT’s teaching on the Kingdom in terms of the “already and not yet.” In other words, they see the NT teaching a Kingdom and salvation that had begun at the cross, resurrection and ascension of Jesus (the “already”) but an inheritance of the Kingdom […]

The 70 7’s (490) of Daniel 9 and the 77 Generations of Enochian Influence Upon the Genealogies and Imminent AD 70 Eschatology of Matthew 1:17; 24:15-34 and Luke 3:23-38; 21:20-32

By Michael J. Sullivan Copyright Sept. 2, 2018 – All rights reserved.  Thank you for your Christian integrity in advance.    Introduction It will be my point in this article to once again demonstrate how all the promises of God are yes and amen – that is, fulfilled “in Christ” and […]