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Open Letter to Mel Gibson & Two Movie Proposals: 1. “AD 70 / The Parousia” & 2. “The Armageddon Conspiracy”

Dear Mr. Gibson,

My name is Michael Sullivan and I am a Christian Full Preterist author and apologist. I am anticipating your film “Rothchild” and this indicates to me that may understand the destructive nature of modern Zionism in all of its various forms. Below are two movie proposals/plots that are designed to counter not just the false vies of Zionism, but that of Islam and hopefully will educate the public on the circular theological problems perpetuating war in the Middle East. The theological premise behind these movies is that the “end of the age” “holy war” in the “holy land” is a PAST event – i.e. between AD 67 – AD 70. Please prayerfully consider these proposals.

What will you get out of this project?

1). It will be a sequel to “The Passion of The Christ” which has long been anticipated and it will counter the Trojan horse of Islam and Zionism that we are both concerned with. Remember, for some reason in “The Passion of The Christ” you left out Jesus’ words on the way to the cross found in Luke 23:28-30 which is a quote taken from Isaiah 2:19 depicting the “in that day” coming of the Lord in judgment upon the Jews in AD 67 – AD 70 when they would cry out, “…to the mountains, ‘Fall on us,’ and to the hills, ‘Cover us’ “from the splendor of His majesty.” This is the battle of Armageddon depicted in Revelation that would be fulfilled “shortly” in John’s lifetime (Rev. 1;1; 16:17-21). Did you leave this out for fear of being labeled “anti-Semitic”? When you were charged with this, you said you were simply portraying what “was in your gospels.” So let’s portray what’s fully in there and not worry what others will say.

2). It will be a crowning long lasting legacy for you, your family, and country to remember you by.

What do I want out of this?

1). To leave a legacy which will in the long run heal the Middle East Crisis.

2). Just to make enough money so that I can devote myself to studying, writing and lecturing on eschatology and nutrition and leave a modest inheritance for my children. This is what I’m requesting and hoping from you: 1. I get paid for the proposals/plots (whatever you think is fair and according to industry standards). 2. I get paid (again whatever you think is fair) to be an advisor to the script-writer whom you choose for the project. If I could have one-two assistants myself, that would be great. 3. I get paid a small percentage of the movies residual profit (again what you think is fair).

Copyright 2009 Michael J. Sullivan – Thank you in advance for your honesty and integrity.

Introduction / Objective:

Here are two movie proposals/plots that function as “Informational Warfare” to help solve the problem of Islam, Israeli Zionism and Premillennial Christian Zionism from trying to constantly self-fulfill (playing the victim or conquest card) the “in the land,” “holy war,” the “end is near – AGAIN” battle of Armageddon. The more the Biblical truth get’s out here in the U.S. to Evangelical Christians and Jews and Muslims in the Middle East – that this war was fulfilled between AD 67 – AD 70, the better. This theology has been tested in the articles and book listed at the end of these proposals.

Title: “AD 70 – The Parousia”
By: Michael J. Sullivan (author, debater, conference speaker & radio host), 12 Chase Lane, Sylva, NC 28779; (828) 507-1375
Proposal for: Mel Gibson
Genre: Action / Controversial / Religious

This is a movie that incorporates the success behind such action movies produced by Ridley Scott – The Kingdom of Heaven & The Gladiator along with religious controversy draws from such men as Ron Howard and Tom Hank’s – The Divinci Code.

The Historical Setting & Controversial Twist

The religious twist or controversy to this movie that will make it a financial success and sets it apart from anything that has ever been produced thus far, is that the NT places Jesus’ Second Coming during the Roman / Jewish War (between AD 67 – AD 70) and not as an end of time event (per the traditional view). While many religious movies have focused on the years AD 26 – AD 33, none have focused on AD 67 – AD 70, let alone have developed this period as the Second Coming. And yet Jesus tells us that “the end” (of the old covenant age – not the end of world history) and His coming, would take place within His contemporary “this generation” when his first century audience saw “Jerusalem being surrounded by armies” (Matt. 24:3-34, Lk. 21:20-32). We know from church history that Rome surrounded Jerusalem in AD 67 and then briefly retreated. This is when the Christians fled Jerusalem to Pella and were safe (heeding Jesus’ prophecy), while the Jews listened to the false prophets (Jesus said would come) and were destroyed by the Romans.


Cornelius (played by Chris Pratt – Christian and UFC fan) is a skilled Roman Centurion warrior who converts to Christianity and begins converting many Roman soldiers. Word of this reaches Nero (played by ________) whom places Cornelius as a gladiator/prisoner – forced to combat as punishment for not acknowledging the one true king (himself). Cornelius is separated from his wife and son between AD 63 – AD 66 and is forced to defend himself in the arena against demon possessed beasts and other valiant gladiators. But God empowers and sustains Cornelius through these battles in order to make a statement against Nero and Rome. God is miraculously protecting him in the arena as a symbol that He will preserve the Church from the Dragon (cf. Rev. 12) – when she flees Jerusalem to Pella.

Cornelius eventually escapes from Roman captivity but only to be captured by John Levi of Gischala (played by ________ – who will shortly take over Jerusalem and lead the revolt against Rome). Cornelius eventually breaks free and reaches his family in Jerusalem in AD 66. After the death of Peter at the hands of Nero, God will use Cornelius to lead the Christian Church in Jerusalem to Pella before the Roman / Jewish war (Armageddon) begins and lays siege to Jerusalem.

Characters / Actors: Cornelius (Chris Pratt – Christian and UFC fan), Nero (________), Jon Levi of Gischala (_________), Titus (_________), Apostle Peter (__________), Josephus (________).
Budget: 100 – 135 million.
Box office profit: 600 million or more.

Why this movie will be a financial success: There is really one word that would describe why Ron Howard’s The Divinci Code made money, and that word is controversy. Even though the movie had bad theology and history behind it, because it stirred up theological controversy (was Jesus married? Did he have a child? Was he divine as he claimed?) – it made money. It was the subject of virtually every adult Sunday School class and Pastor’s sought to refute it from the pulpits. Therefore, even Christians went and saw the movie just to see what all the hub-bub was about. The controversy even created free advertising for the movie. My movie is different than Howard’s in that the history and theology backing it, is 100% accurate. Not to mention no one has been able to refute my/our book, House Divided. The controversy that the Second Coming and battle of Armageddon was truly fulfilled “shortly” (Rev. 1:1–22:6-7, 20) and is not in our future, will surpass anything The Divinici Code produced.

Possible obstacle resolved: The budget for a war in Jerusalem will be high. For “Part I” it may be possible to write this script and sell it to Ridley Scott – who has access to this construction from previous movies he has done with a similar motif?


Title: “AD 70 and the Armageddon Conspiracy”
By: Michael J. Sullivan (author, debater, conference speaker & radio host), 12 Chase Lane, Sylva, NC 28779, (828) 507-1375
Proposal for: Mel Gibson
Genre: Action / Controversial / Religious
Synopsis: There are two stories being played out that will merge together.

Story #1

The main character (Chris Hunt) is an accomplished mixed martial artist, theological scholar and debater.

When Hunt was young he was homeschooled on the mission field by his parents. His father was a well known Biblical scholar but left that life for the mission field. His father also had a trade being a mixed martial arts instructor. Hunt’s father trained him in theology, philosophy and mixed martial arts. Chris leaves his parents on the mission field to attend college in the U.S. and compete professionally in the U.F.C.

But the death of his parents at the hands of Muslims on the mission field has left Hunt bitter. Hunt leaves his conservative roots behind and begins teaching theology at a liberal Seminary with a bent on proving Jesus as just a good moral teacher with a failed prophecy as a legacy. Hunt is drawn to this theology because of the death of his parents and for intellectual reasons. His arguments are simple – Jesus promised that His Second Coming would take place in the lifetime and generation of his first century disciples (Matt. 10:22-23; Matt. 16:27-28; Matt. 24:34), and since the end of the world did not take place at that time – Jesus’ prophecy failed. And since the rest of the NT followed Jesus’ first century time of fulfillment – “at hand,” “in a very little while,” “shortly, “soon” it too is a failure (1 Pet. 4:5-7; Heb. 10:37; Rev. 1:1—22:6-7) and cannot be “inspired” as claimed.

Hunt lays paralyzed in his depression and despair until a student in his class begins challenging him in a way he has never encountered before. One of his students is a Full Preterist and begins showing him how all these predictions pointed to Christ’s Second Coming taking place when Jerusalem fell in AD 66 – AD 70 and that the language Jesus uses in Matthew 24 (stars falling etc…) is apocalyptic language (symbolic/metaphoric genre) and is not literal. Hunt learns that Jesus nor the NT writers were ever predicting the end of the world (as commonly taught in most churches), but rather involve predictions of Christ’s return to bring an end to the old covenant age/world and establishing the new covenant age (which is spiritual). God awakens Hunt’s faith for a mission he is uniquely qualified for…

Story #2

Muslim apologist Shabir Ally is from Iran and is falsely portraying himself as a peaceful moderate. He comes to the U.S. to debate various Christian theologians claiming the Jesus of the NT is a false prophet and therefore Allah gave Muhammad the Quran as a superior revelation. While this is a legitimate tour by Ally, no one knows that his inner circle is a terrorist network planning a nuclear attack on U.S. soil. At least no one except two F.B.I. agents who begin noticing some suspicious activity.

Shabir is also an accomplished fighter in the U.F.C. and is using this as an avenue to get into the States.

The merging of the two stories

Shabir challenges Hunt to a debate and to fight in in the U.F.C. Tensions are high between the U.S. and Iran and both countries are pushing both the fight and the debate.

Hunt takes a debate with Shabir in Los Angels, California. Chris thinks God has called him to take down Shabir’s arguments in a debate, but the mission becomes much more involved as the evening develops. Toward the end of the debate, Shabir and his network take the audience hostage announcing their plans of detonating their nuclear device. Hunt now has to use his mixed martial arts training and team up with the F.B.I. — along with the audience he has won over in debate, to kill the terrorists and disarm the nuke.

Not only this, but extreme Dispensational Zionists such as John Hagee have the President’s ear and are trying to convince the President that these are signs of the end times and that the U.S. needs to get ready for Armageddon. God is going to use Hunt in a variety of ways to disarm this conflict which will also involve educating the President on these issues.

Why this movie will be a financial success: Again, this movie involves religious controversy which does nothing but provide free advertisement and brings in a larger audience. The movie also touches on the issues of the day – Islamic eschatology views everything in the news today as a “fulfillment” of their “end time” prophecies leading to a “holy war” with the West. Unfortunately, many Dispensational Zionist “Christians” read their Bible’s through the lens of current events (ex. Hal Lindsey or say John Haggee) as well and claim what is taking place today in the Middle East also supports an alleged “imminent” “end time” “holy war” and “rapture” for the Church.

Only through education can these problems come to light let alone be solved. The fact that these NT “end time” “holy war” (Armageddon) prophecies have already been fulfilled between AD 67 – AD 70 is a major step in the right direction to healing this conflict.

Characters / Actors: David Hunt (_Chris Pratt – Christian and UFC fan_______ ), F.B.I. agent (________ ), and Muslim terrorist (________ ).
Budget: 30 – 70 million.
Box office profit: 300 million or more.

The Theology & History Behind the Movie – 100% Solid! See My Articles Here:
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And don’t forget to get a copy of my/our book: “House Divided Bridging the Gap in Reformed Eschatology…” Available on Amazon here:

P.S. – If in God’s providence anyone reading this knows Mel Gibson or can get this letter to him, I would greatly appreciate you passing it on to him. And if you can get it to him, and you are a Full Preterist having a desire to be in the project, I would love to hire you as one of my assistants. Lord bless.

Friends who stand by Mel in rough times:

History of AD 67 – AD 70 – the Parousia of Christ:

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