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Kenneth Gentry: Eck Redivivus

On September 16, 2009, Kenneth Gentry and Kenneth Talbot were interviewed by William Hill on Covenant Radio. This is my response to Gentry’s part in the interview. In the beginning, Mr. Hill asked Gentry to give “a basic definition” of “hyper-preterism.” Gentry began his response by saying that the definition of […]

House Divided…parts 2 & 3

TLM note:  It is sad that critics of our book refuse to actually interact with the arguments of the book.  The only comments thus far have come from people who haven’t read it, or in this case have only sought to interact with half of a chapter and then run […]

Response to Dr. Birks

Response to Dr. Birks by Sam Frost on September 10, 2009[edit] The Last Enemy “being destroyed”: A Response to Dr. Kelly Birks This paper will be brief in that I will utilize three standard works on I Co 15.26.  First, a string of translations: ESV: “The last enemy to be […]

House Divided…A Futurist Review at Last!

House Divided… by David Green on September 9, 2009   A Futurist Review at Last! House Divided: Bridging the Gap in Reformed Eschatology has been selling now for about two months. In that time, the responses from futurist critics have been less than substantive. There were complaints that […]